CRMHub Terms of Service & User Agreement

Thanks for using our site and services. The following terms and conditions (“Agreement”) govern your (“you,” “your,” “Client,” or “User”) use of CRMHub’s software and services (“CRMHub,” “Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our”).

By using this site and availing the services we offer, you are bound by these terms and acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not access or use CRMHub and its services.

I. Ammendments

We reserve the right to change these terms on occasion. We may or may not deliver an electronic notice to inform you of these changes, in advance or otherwise. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to periodically review this Agreement for any such changes. Your continued use of CRMHub after such adjustments will constitute acknowledgement and acceptance of the new or modified Agreement.

II. Subscription

In the event of a purchase made on the CRMHub website, the aforementioned parties hereby agree to enter into a business relationship whereby Company provides the product and services, if any, in consideration of payment provided by Client, pursuant to the entire terms of this Agreement.

A. Cancellation

Either party may cancel this Agreement at any time at least 30 days notice by providing a written notice via email to the other party. In the event of cancellation, Client is responsible for payment of all products and services prior to the cancellation date.

B. Services Provided

Company agrees to provide services of CRM-HUB as per Client’s subscription, plus the those services of a plan from the Company’s Concierge Services, if any, including the following:

  1. Basic setup of CRM account, database and logo
  2. Setup and management of marketing pipelines & campaigns
  3. Service turnaround time of a certain number of days


C. Pricing & Payment

Client agrees to pay Company a monthly subscription payment by the 1st of each month for the duration of this Agreement, as detailed. Pricing is all GST inclusive.

Additionally, Client agrees to reimburse Company for any additional costs incurred by Company in the execution of this Agreement.

Company will deliver an electronic invoice to Client seven (7) days before its due date. Client agrees to pay each invoice on or before its due date.

D. Intellectual Property

Company agrees that all works and creations stemming from work performed under the scope of this Agreement shall be the intellectual property of Client, and agrees to make no claim to intellectual property stemming from the services performed pursuant to this Agreement.

E. Competition & Solicitation

Company agrees to refrain from engaging in business practices which directly compete with Client’s business during the term of this Agreement, and for a period of 24 months thereafter. Similarly, Company agrees to refrain from soliciting or recruiting Client’s employees at any time.

F. Indemnity

Client agrees to indemnify and hold Company harmless against any legal action or damages pertaining to the services provided under the terms of this Agreement.

III. Data Privacy & Confidentiality

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, CRMHub is dedicated to maintaining and ensuring the privacy of our users’ data and personal information in their use of our site, software, and services, if any. Visit our Privacy Policy page to read these terms in full, including what types of information we collect, how we collect them, and how we manage and use them.

IV. Governance & Dispute Resolution

The terms of this agreement shall be governed according to the laws of the state of New South Wales, Australia. Any disputes or legal proceedings shall be filed and resolved through a neutral arbitrator located in New South Wales. If Company and Client or User should enter into a dispute, all parties agree that the prevailing party shall have their entire legal fees, including attorneys’ fees, reimbursed by the opposite party.

Updated: 20 September, 2021